Locally owned  causal European  style restaurant is located in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria.    Fontaine Caffe & Crêperie serves Steak Frites, Mussels, Pates, Cheese, Vegetarian dishes,  authentic savory and sweet French crêpes and Cidres in a casual European restaurant setting.  Our carefully crafted  seasonal menu, extensive craft beer and boutique wine  selection, friendly service, and elegant, yet cozy, atmosphere makes Fontaine restaurant  the perfect place to rendezvous with old friends and meet new ones. 
A French Style Restaurant    *   Wine Bar   *    Cafe Social
" let them eat crêpes " - Gluten- Free Organic Buckwheat flour 

119 South Royal Street  |  Alexandria, VA 22314  |  703-535-8151 |  kyong@fontainecaffe.com

The History of Crêpes and Galettes

Crêpes are popular not only throughout France, but elsewhere in Europe, where the pancakes                    go by other names and adaptations, including Italian crespelle, Hungarian palacsintas, Jewish blintzes, Scandinavian plattars, Russian blini, and Greek kreps, but it was in France's Brittany   region where the tools and techniques were created and perfected, elevating the crepe to an art form.

There are two kinds of crêpes from Brittany that you will find here at FONTAINE restaurant: ble noir are savory crêpes made with buckwheat flour (100% Gluten free) and froment are sweet crêpes made with wheat flour.

Today’s savvy diner is aware that crêpes and galettes are no longer just for dessert. One will now find “savory”   crêpes created and cooked in a host of new ways!

One thing, however, has not changed throughout their long history. Crêpes have always been and continue to be enjoyed for their simplicity and wholesomeness.


Take a Holiday & Shopping Break at Fontaine

Try one of Fontaine's Seasonal Cocktails
Kir Royals- Champagne and Creme de Cassis liqueur
Jammin Cranberry Ginger Cider Sangria

Quiche with Spinach & Goat cheese

Sultan- Savory Buckwheat crepe(GF) - filled with  Spicy lamb sausage, lentils, spinach, feta cheese

  Pan-seared Salmon with Avocado & tomatoes

Dessert Crepe topped with banana, peanut butter, Nutella and dark chocolate sauce

New Year's Eve Dinner
3-course Prix-fixe Special
$39.95/per person
RSVP: (703) 535-8151

NYE Dinner Menu